The first coaching session is a 30-minute discovery session and is complimentary. Clients will learn what coaching is, who their Coach is, and how coaching can help them. Coaching appointments are available during traditional business hours, weekends, evenings, as well as home visits and online via Zoom application.


  • Individual sessions are 60 to 90 minutes, $100 per 60-minute session
  • Partners and Family sessions are 90 minutes, $187.50 per 90-minute session ($125 per 60-minutes) 
  • Consultation sessions are 60 to 90 minutes, $150 per 60-minute session
  • ​Fees are covered by many flexible savings accounts. Cash, check and credit cards are accepted
  • One of my primary values is to make coaching affordable and accessible. I offer a sliding fee scale and will work with you to ensure money is not a barrier to obtaining services 


There will be no charge with 24-hour notice. Please call, text, or email, ASAP, if you find that you cannot attend a coaching session. 


Email and/or text support is available between appointments to offer needed encouragement. Short phone calls of 10 minutes per week are available as well. Notices of successes and achievements are also welcome!  


Trust is the basis of the coaching alliance. All information shared in the coaching relationship is strictly confidential, unless the client states otherwise, in writing, or the law requires information.