​​​​Hope Sandler Russell

Groups & Workshops

Hope is an ADHD life coach and consultant with 30 years experience in the human development and education fields.  Her passion is to provide ​coaching for ADHD individuals and couples, as well as offer presentations, workshops and training on ADHD to both professionals and ADHD audiences.​

As someone with ADHD, Hope has a unique and personal insight into many of the struggles her clients may be experiencing.  

​Hope studied the art of life coaching and the science of ADHD at The Evergreen State College where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in ADHD Life Coaching.

Currently Hope is an active member of Children and Adults with AD/HD (CHADD), Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA), and Seattle Counselors Association (SCA).  She is a former member of ADDResources Board of Directors.  Hope remains very active in the professional coaching and ADHD communities and speaks locally and nationally on ADHD topics.    ​​​

Consultation & Training

Director of The ADHD Coaching & Consultation Practice